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Check out some reviews of Ida Landsberg’s solo albums and have a look at the interviews with the artist. Various media speak about the singer’s own compositions as well as her interpretation of jazz standards and famous cover songs (, Guitarbench, Smooth Fm Radio, …). Enjoy the lecture!

Acoustic Bossa Nova

Album review on Guitarbench

 Ida possesses a unique vocal talent.

On this album, her vocals are characteristically light and bouncy whilst retaining a high level of expressiveness.


(Guitarbench, Issue Tree 2012, Terence Tan,

Cherry Tree Lane

Album review on Jazzitalia

Un viaggio nel favoloso mondo di Ida Landsberg, universo un po’ visionario le cui architetture sono intrise di favola, di magia, di sogni e di amore.

A journey into the fabulous world of Ida Landsberg, a slightly visionary universe whose architectures are full of fairy tales, magic, dreams and love.

(Jazzitalia, 16.6.2014, Nina Molina Franco,

Jazz Sessions - Irma Records

Album review on Jazzitalia

Un disco come quelli che si facevano una volta, di quelli colmi di sentimento, di jazz d’antan.

An album like the ones who used to be, full of sentiments and jazz d’Antan.


(Jazzitalia, 24.8.2019, Alceste Ayroldi,


Interview on Guitarbench

Ida Landsberg possesses a uniquely unforgettable voice and vocal talent. (…) I was struck by how light and bouncy her vocals were yet retained an intense level of expressiveness.

(Guitarbench, 23.8.2008, Terence Tan,

Jazz Sessions

"Album of the week" on Smooth Fm

“Album da semana” on Smooth Fm (Lisbon, Portugal)

Ida Landsberg

Artist's quote

An interesting mix of Ella Fitzgerald, Björk and Tori Amos. (Cheryl Porter)

Radio 2 - Vanessa Vanhove

"Jazz Sessions" album of the week on Radio 2 (Belgium) "The Rat Pack"

I’m a big fan of your music and your voice!

(“The Rat Pack” on 1.11.2020, Vanessa Vanhove, Radio 2 Belgium)