Musical projects.

Musical live and studio projects

In this section you can find some musical projects that Ida Landsberg is involved in, with respect to her live performance as well as her studio recording sessions.

Ida Landsberg Jazz Combo

Her activity as a jazz singer is the heart of Ida Landsberg’s musical creation. The artist presents a wide range of jazz standards in different musical groups: a duo with guitar and voice, a trio with guitar, voice and a solo player (sax, violin, trumpet, other) or doublebass / percussion as well as a complete jazz combo.


Photo: With Marco Guidolotti (sax) and Simone Salvatore (guitar)

Bossa nova, blues, pop: revisited.

A very eclectic repertoire is the key feature of this musical project: blues, bossa nova, pop, rock, disco tunes rearranged in an acoustical way in collaboration with some of the greatest representatives of the Italian music scene.

Photo: With Marco Guidolotti (sax), Simone Salvatore (guitar), Diego Innocenti (piano), Raffaele Toninelli (doublebass), Emanuele Pellegrini (drums)

Lounge Music

In collaboration with national and international sound designers, arrangers, composers and DJ’s, Ida Landsberg’s studio activity includes several lounge and dance music projects, both with original tracks than with cover songs.

The Lula Ladies

Born as a female vocal a cappella trio, the Lula Ladies composed by Ida Landsberg, Silvia Conforti and Svenja Weißmüller / Jole Canelli are now accompanied by the skilled pianist Nico Pistolesi. 

The group presents a varied repertoire that includes jazz songs, barbershop, gospel and blues.

Original compositions

Influenced by composers such as Burt Bacharach, Débussy, The Beatles, Cole Porter, Satie, Carole King, Eliza Doolittle and many others the singer released one album with her and her husband’s and guitarist Simone Salvatore original songs: the album “Cherry Tree Lane”.
A second album with original compositions is in progress.