Albums and live gigs.

Afternoon Delight.

Check out this music video from Andrea Angione and Simone Salvatore. The song is written by me and comes from my album “Cherry Tree Lane”.

Cherry Tree Lane

Acoustic Bossa Nova Vol. 1 & 2.
Jazz Moments.

These are some music samples from my cover albums “Acoustic Bossa Nova Vol. 1 and 2” which present some great pop and rock classics rearranged in an acoustic bossa nova style and from my album “Jazz Moments” with some of the most beautiful jazz standards played as a voice and piano duo.

Live samples.

Here you can enjoy some samples of my live music activity both in smaller acoustic situations with guitar or piano and sax only or in bigger bands with doublebass, drums and other solo instruments.

The Lula Ladies.

I recorded some demo tracks with the wonderful Lula Ladies named Silvia Conforti, Svenja Weissmuller and our most talented piano player Nico Pistolesi. Check out these versions and let you inspire by the Lula Motion…

The Lula Ladies

Dimitri Pachkov & Ida Landsberg.

I would like to present two great songs I composed and recorded together with Dimitri Pachkov, a very gifted sound designer from Lyon. The two tracks were made for the iPhone game “1112” (Episode 02 and 03). I am very happy about this work. Love it.